Translating your museum brand to digital

A conversation about creating impactful digital brands and products with AREA 17 Group Branding Director, Carolyn Centeno Milton.

In recent years, cultural institutions have grappled with how to retain their distinctiveness in an increasingly digitized world, particularly in the face of renewed conversations about exclusivity and accessibility. As AREA 17 continues its work with institutions like The National Gallery of Canada and The National Museum of Mexican Art, we’ve thought about how cultural institutions can deliver impact through behavioral branding, aligning differentiators with internal and external behavior.

“To move from story to action and words to behavior, we need to stop paying lip service but put our purpose into action and anchor it in behavior so that your employees and consumers feel it viscerally.”
— Carolyn Centeno Milton, Group Branding Director

You can learn more about AREA 17’s digital rebranding project with The National Museum of Mexican Art in Carolyn’s talk, presented at the Growing Audiences Summit hosted by MuseumNext.



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