Life/Life balance with Hannah Kreiswirth

A Podcast interview with AREA 17 Partner and COO

Work to live or live to work? What if you weren’t forced to choose, and work is embraced as a positive contribution to life? As the world debates the future of work, it’s time that we stop pitting work against our lives. Great work comes from great people living life to the fullest.

“Whether you love your work deeply, or it’s simply a necessity … it is still a big part of your life. And especially if you’re of the group who are passionate about your work and want to contribute to society and the world around you through your work.”
— Hannah Kreiswirth, Partner, COO

In the recent episode of the Talk Talent to Me Podcast hosted by Rob Stevenson, AREA 17 partner and COO Hannah Kreiswirth talks about her people-driven approach to business and the importance of achieving a life/life balance.

Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


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